Printing Impressions / 30th Annual RIT Printing Industry Hall of Fame

September 29th, 2014
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Regency Ballroom, 5 PM

Come join us for the Gold Ink Awards and Hall of Fame Gala, considered by many printing professionals to be the industry’s most prestigious awards celebration and premier networking event.

We’ll salute the producers of the finest printed work in the industry…the 2014 Gold Ink Award winners.

We’ll also pay tribute to industry leadership as we induct four new members into the 30th Annual Printing Impressions/RIT Printing Industry Hall of Fame.

To reserve your banquet seat now, call Mike Cooper at (215) 238-5434 or email at

2014 PI/RIT Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Jon Budington
    CEO, Global Printing, Alexandria, VA
  • David DeLana
    President, Heritage – The Integrated Resource, El Reno, OK
  • Martin Liebert
    Founder, President & CEO, Freedom Graphic Systems, Milton, WI
  • Chris Pierce
    Chairman, The Dingley Press, Lisbon, ME

Past PI/RIT Hall of Fame Inductees


  • Frank Defino Sr., Tukaiz LLC
  • William Fitzgerald, Universal Wilde
  • Robert Lothenbach, Imagine! Print Solutions
  • David Pilcher Sr., Freeport Press


  • Carl Gerhardt, Allegra Network
  • Michael Graff, Sandy Alexander
  • David Harding, HardingPoorman Group
  • Volker Petersen, Brown Printing


  • Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics
  • David Pitts, Classic Graphics
  • Mike Panaggio, DME
  • Ken Kaufman, Corporate Press


  • Joan Davidson, Sheridan Publication Services
  • Gary Garner, GLS Companies
  • Ed Garvey, The Garvey Group
  • Joe Metzger, Metzgers


  • Janet Green, Greens Printing
  • Steve Hayes, Omaha Print
  • Ralph Pontillo, Miami Valley Publishing
  • Herb Zebrack, Lithographix


  • James Andersen, IWCO Direct
  • Ralph Johnson, Lake County Press
  • Michael Keene, The John Roberts Co.
  • James Mayes, ColorCraft of Virginia


  • Chris Colville, Consolidated Graphics
  • Tim Poole, Dome Printing
  • Gary Samuels, Pictorial Offset
  • David Torok, Padgett Printing


  • James Hopkins, Hopkins Printing
  • Remi Marcoux, Transcontinental Inc.
  • Thomas Quadracci, Quad/Graphics
  • Jesse Williamson, Williamson Printing


  • Thomas Engdahl, Brown Printing
  • Roy Grossman, Sandy Alexander
  • Michael Marcian Sr., Corporate Press
  • Donald Samuels, Pictorial Offset


  • Charles W. "Tuck" Krehbiel, CJK: Print Possibilities
  • John O. Bell, The Ovid Bell Press
  • Peter McLean, Continental Web Press
  • George Stephenson, Stephenson Printing


  • Wayne R. Angstrom, Angstrom Graphics
  • Donald E. Roland, Vertis Inc.
  • Nicholas X. Simon, Publishers Printing
  • Don O. Walsworth, Walsworth Publishing


  • Donald Belcher, Banta Corp.
  • Robert Krehbiel III, CJK: Print Possibilities
  • Ray Scholler, Times Printing
  • Michael Simon, Publishers Printing


  • Donald M. Duncanson, Dynacolor Graphics
  • Martin H. Edwards, Edwards Brothers
  • John C. Fosmire, Anderson Lithograph
  • Gerald A. Henseler, Banta Corp.


  • David H. Bracken, The Press of Ohio
  • A. Oscar Carlson, American Spirit Graphics
  • John J. Frautschi, Webcrafters Inc.
  • Frank Stillo, Sandy Alexander


  • Raymond A. Frick Jr., Lehigh Press
  • C. Stephenson Gillispie Jr., Cadmus Communications
  • Terry A. Tevis, Printing Arts America
  • Francis W. Canzano Jr., Acme Printing/World Color


  • Joe R. Davis, Consolidated Graphics
  • John R. Berthelsen, Suttle Press
  • John E. Spenlinhauer III, Spencer Press
  • Harry R. Quadracci Sr., Quad/Graphics


  • Jerry B. Williamson III, Williamson Printing
  • Robert G. Burton, World Color
  • John E. Tiffany, Banta Corp.
  • James R. Schultz, Great Lakes Lithograph


  • Paul Mack, The Mack Printing Group
  • Diane Romano, Applied Graphics Technologies
  • Robert Havrilla, Jefferson/Keeler Printing
  • Frank Woods, Woods Lithographics


  • Claude Koszuta, Rainbow Graphics
  • F. Edward Treis, Arandell Corp.
  • Craig Hutchison, Perry Printing
  • Paul LeFebvre, LeFebvre Intergraphics


  • William Beckwith, Intelligencer Printing
  • Judith Booth, Courier Corp.
  • Peter Faucetta, Applied Graphics Technologies
  • Jonathan Ward, RR Donnelley & Sons


  • Calvin Aurand Jr., Banta Corp.
  • Joe Arriola, Avanti/Case-Hoyt
  • Robert E. Murphy, Japs-Olson Co.
  • Kenneth W. Field, Continental Web Press


  • Thomas E. Brinkman Sr., Metroweb
  • Stanley J. Kukla, Kukla Press
  • Mark C. Pope III, Graphic Industries
  • Michael D. Voss, Meehan Tooker


  • Carl Doty, RR Donnelley & Sons
  • Pierre Peladeau, Quebecor Inc.
  • Thomas Manning, Judd's Inc.
  • Robert Ott Sr., The Hennegan Co.


  • Sam Olsen, Form Service Co.
  • Richard A. Wallace, Orange County Register
  • John R. Walter, RR Donnelley & Sons
  • Roger L. Perry, Perry Printing


  • Harry W. Earle, Banta Corp.
  • John Anderluh, Moore Corp.
  • James T. Sullivan, Sullivan Graphics
  • Mark W. Newhouse, Star-Ledger


  • Curtis Bourland, Continental Graphics
  • John Irvin, St. Petersburg Times
  • Wallace Stettinius, Cadmus Communications
  • Robert Houk, Uforma/Shelby Business Forms


  • Ralph Eary, Scripps-Howard
  • Frank Beddor Jr., The Beddor Cos.
  • Ted Dimitriou, Wallace Computer Services
  • Jack Fowler, W.A. Krueger


  • Alvan H. Chapman, Knight-Ridder
  • Harry V. Quadracci, Quad/Graphics
  • Richard Kuntz, General Business Forms
  • Cecil Previdi, Danbury Printing & Litho


  • John C. Darragh, The Standard Register Co.
  • Al Neuharth, USA Today
  • Clyde Oberlin, World Color Press
  • John B. Schwemm, RR Donnelley & Sons