Judging Criteria

Top publishing, production and manufacturing professionals scrutinize all Gold Ink Awards entries.

NAPCO Media, LLC is the proud host of the annual Gold Ink Awards print production competition. A panel of distinguished graphic arts professionals judges entries in nearly 50 categories over four days.

The following are the guidelines our judges follow as they review each piece:

  1. Consider the difficulty of the job. Are there multiple colors used? Was there a difficult registration pattern? Are there complex foil stamps or typically difficult effects used?
  2. Was the paper choice appropriate and/or effective for the piece? Did the printer do an exceptional job with paper that is difficult to use?
  3. Were the binding and finishing techniques clever, effective and/or unique?
  4. Was the piece particularly challenging to manufacture? And, if so, was its production well executed?
  5. Was any specialized printing used to produce the piece?
  6. Does the entry create an overall favorable impression? Is it particularly appealing in terms of appearance, quality and aesthetic impact?

If you have any questions about judging criteria for the Gold Ink Awards contest, please contact Contest Administrator Mike Cooper at (215) 238-5434 or e-mail mcooper@napco.com

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